Being Cowboy Plumbers Helped Build Our Team

This local firm of plumbers found playing Cowboy with horses great for their team building event.
Shona and Dan Hamilton-Higgins Wedding Day Complete With Greely Hat

Novice Western Rider Gains a Wife and Buys a Quarter Horse

Complete beginner, Dan Hamilton-Higgins, found learning to ride Western style opened up a whole new world as his confidence and riding skills grew.

Rider With Special Needs

Horses really connect with children and adults who have learning disabilities. The amazing connection Paige has with horses through Western riding and her growing confidence is remarkable.
Shona Hamilton-Higgins riding Chicmare

English Rider Boosts Skills With Western Riding

When you have loved English riding all your life and your life partner is not so sure then it is good to try Western riding. It can teach you new skills and even get you enjoying riding as a couple.
Nichola Freer, lapsed rider

Lapsed Rider Nervous to Get Back in the Saddle

When it has been some time since you have been on a horse it can be daunting. Riding experiences with Sovereign will easily overcome any nerves.

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