Horses in Training

Horses in Training

Educating You and Your Horse

A main part of the business is training horses, both those bred by Sovereign and those owned by clients. Whether you need your yearling taught some groundwork or prepared for Halter, your youngster started under saddle, or even your more experienced horse taught some new skills, your horse can come and stay at Sovereign Quarter Horses and a training plan will be produced based on your aims and ambitions.

Halter preparation training

Halter Preparation

Ideal for weanlings – 3-year olds

This package is all about getting your horse ready and in condition for the halter classes. This is achieved through a combination of special feeding, grooming and exercise to get your horse looking their best and in their ideal shape for their conformation. This package can also include showing your horse for you and/or teaching you how to show them yourself.

Starting western riding training


Ideal for 3 – 4-year olds

This is your horse’s introduction to their ridden career. The process starts in the round pen with some groundwork and the saddle and bridle are then introduced. The first few rides are also put on the horse in here, a place where they are comfortable and feel safe. Once they have the basics of walk, jog, lope, steering and stopping they are then gradually moved up into being ridden in the main indoor arena where their training can continue. Each horse learns at different paces and so our packages are tailored to the individual, we require a minimum of at least 12 weeks for this.

Further Education

The team at Sovereign Quarter Horses have the knowledge and experience to help you and your horse in any discipline through their further education training packages. This could be a yearly “MOT” where the horse comes for a month or so of training before the show season starts or a block of training after they have been started – this also works well with regular lessons throughout the rest of the year working towards ambitions and goals.

Sovereign also offer Western Show Training, where your horse is in training with us and we will prepare you and your horse for a show.  This is a good idea if you are new to showing, as your introduction to showing will be with us and we can coach you during the show and make your first showing experience fun!


If you have any questions about the training, get in touch and find out what Sovereign Quarter Horses can do for your horse and you.

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