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Western Experience Day – 23rd March 2023

Rider Terms and Conditions

  • All riders must tick the checkboxes on the right before placing an order.
  • The instructor reserves the right to cancel any rider booking without warning.
  • Alcohol may not be consumed during the teaching day or whilst working with your horse. This policy is to prevent your ability to perform to be compromised in any way. Anyone in breach of the statutory alcohol levels in their blood or is unable to carry out tasks during the teaching day could be asked to leave the course premises. Anyone found to be in possession of illegal drugs will be asked to leave the course premises.
  • The instructor may at any time refuse to teach a rider if they break any code of conduct, are intoxicated with alcohol or other drugs and are rude or abusive to the instructor, host or venue staff.


  • Up to 7 days before the course a full refund less 25% is available, otherwise, within 7 days no refund will be provided.


The following are required for insurance purposes

  • A UK standard approved helmet to be worn whilst riding and recommended to be worn at any time you are with your horse.
  • The helmet must be less than five years old from the date of manufacture. I am aware of the instructor’s requirement of wearing a helmet at all times whilst participating in horse sport activities and accept that I am solely responsible for ensuring I wear a suitable helmet at all times whilst participating and take sole responsibility for my actions should I choose to refrain from wearing a helmet.
  • Helmets must be properly fitted including the use of a chinstrap.
  • Helmets that have had a significant impact which has affected the strength of the helmet must not be worn.

Rider Requirements:

  • Appropriately heeled shoes or boots and hard hat*

We do have riding hats available if you do not have your own.

Our Western Experience days are a fantastic way to introduce yourself to western riding or even to improve your existing skills. They start with breakfast in our onsite café where you will meet the team, followed by a ridden demonstration from our riders. You will then ride for around an hour before untacking and having lunch, which is provided in our café. After lunch, we teach you how to lasso before having another riding session. We then finish the day with tea/coffee and cake. There will be three UKCC qualified instructors teaching you, David and Sarah Deptford and Olivia Lochhead. The riding sessions will cover the basics of western riding and dependant on riding experience, some other western manoeuvres will be covered.

The cost of these days is £200 (including VAT) per person and include 2-3 hours of riding, breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea and cake.

This page is for the purchase and upfront booking of a Western Experience Day, if you would like to purchase a gift voucher for a future Western Experience Day, please go to the vouchers page.

If you have a voucher to redeem, please email to book this experience day.


The cost of these days is £200 per person and include 2-3 hours of riding, breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea and cake.

Riding experience required: All beginner/first time riders must have attended a one hour lesson with us prior to the experience day so we can ensure we have the right horse for you on the day.

IMPORTANT: Please read the information on the left before ordering. The form below must be completed for each rider before you can move on to the checkout process.

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