The UKPHA Gathering is an exciting new event, the focus of which is to ‘gather’ paint owners and enthusiasts to one venue to learn, show, bond and have fun. We in UKPHA feel that there is a need to create a greater sense of community amongst our members, and what better excuse to have a fun long-weekend together.

The first two days of the gathering will be centred around training, with the three trainers of Sovereign Quarter Horses, Sarah and David Deptford and Liv Lochhead. As you may know David and Liv are current Silver and Bronze AQHA European champions in Ranch Riding and all three people are excellent trainers who have an incredible passion for western horses and western riding. During those two days we will also have mini-talks in the bar and other casual activities  to help create a fun social experience as well as the training. UKPHA will also be available at times, for members to call over to our table in the bar, to ask questions about paperwork or showing classes or anything you are thinking about and to have a chat and help us to get to know YOU !
Saturday night will have a dinner at the venue and a DJ (DJ Rob, aka Rob Painter our treasurer with the hidden talents for spinning records, or downloading mp3 files) in the bar at Sovereign Quarter Horses. We hope everyone stays for the party and helps wrap up the first two days in style ….

Sunday is show day, but wait…. don’t go just yet if you are not a showing person, there is something for everyone! Sunday, as well as being the usual Sovereign All-Breed show, is also an APHA approved Special Event (which is simply a small type of official APHA show). We have secured Stefanie Bubenzer (an APHA & AQHA carded judge) to judge on the day. Stefanie loves training and judging for youth and amateur riders and is therefore a perfect choice for our first show.  I’m sure Stefanie will also be available after the show to give riders feedback if they want it.
At lunchtime, we are holding our first Parade of Paints which is free to enter, either in-hand or ridden. We want EVERYONE to take part and we will tell you more about it on Sat night. Its FREE and is really a way of getting everyone together for a bit of fun, to show off our fabulous horses and also to get as many paint horses into a ring for one class in the UK !! While there isn’t an opportunity to get a new record for the Guinness Book of Records, but we can start out own record. We really, really, really want you all to take part and have fun.

Sunday evening we will have a post-show party in the bar (naturally). It will be a relaxed affair and people will be free to bring their own food or take-away and chill with a drink from the bar (only drinks bought on site can be consumed in the bar). Of course many people will want to head home at this time but if you are staying on-site or live locally, we would love you to unwind with us.


At this point we would like to thank our three major sponsors for this event, PlantCert Ltd (, Rockin R Ranch Ireland (find them on facebook) and last but not least Sovereign Quarter Horses ( Please visit their sites and pages to see what they do etc ….