Training Barn

Educating You and Your Horse
A main part of our business is also training horses.  Whether you need your yearling taught some manners, or your youngster introduced to the saddle and “started” (we prefer to use the term “Starting” – as in starting their education, rather than “breaking”!), or even your more experienced horse taught some new skills, your horse can come and stay with us and a training plan be put in place based on your aims and ambitions.

hb4i7250We also offer Western Show Training, where your horse is in training with us and we will prepare you and your horse for a show.  This is a good idea if you are new to showing, as your introduction to showing will be with us and we can coach you during the show and make your first showing experience fun!

We can even tailor your horse’s training to include your rider training as well.

We recommend that horses in training come to us for a minimum of four weeks in order to let them settle and achieve maximum results, we constantly assess your horse’s progress and keep you informed to achieve maximum results for your money.

Whatever the weather you KNOW your horse will be worked – our indoor arena means that rain doesn’t stop play at SQH!

Our training results speak for them self.  In Western events we have trained numerous Grand Champion Halter Champions, as well as International Gold Medal winning Halter Champions, as well as teaching their handlers how to fit and show their own horses.  We have trained Showmanship winners, (don’t forget our overall aim is to educate you the handler, so have trained owners how to teach their horse Showmanship).

In performance events, we have trained numerous Reining, Horsemanship, Trail and Western Pleasure horses that have competed both in the UK and overseas.

Some Of The Training Available

Halter Fitting
Getting your youngster ready to show for the first time in halter classes, we would “fit” your horse (which basically means getting in show condition through a combination of feeding, grooming and exercise).  We could also “handle” your horse at the show, or teach you how to.

Your horse’s introduction to his grown up life.  Accepting the saddle, headstall (bridle) and bit and backing.

Performance Training
This could be a yearly “MOT” where the horse comes up to us once a year for a month or so – this also works well with regular lessons throughout the rest of the year working towards ambitions and goals.  Or perhaps you need some help with something new, contact us  and we can talk about how we can help you.