Trail Riding Clinic 3rd March 2019

Trail Clinic 3rd March 2019summer08

Come and join us for a day of trail, taught by David and Sarah Deptford and Olivia Lochhead. Trail is one of Sarah’s favourite disciplines and she has done extremely well in this class. She has achieved Register of Merits and AQHA Champion awards for horses by gaining points in this class. She has won many AQHAUK Championship trail classes too.

All three clinicians have ridden with and been trained by Man Of Trail Tim Kimura on numerous occasions and use all of his tips and techniques in their training and teaching.

If you are interested in riding on the Tim Kimura clinic later on this  year, then why not come along to this clinic to refresh your skills and knowledge before riding with Tim later in the year!

Clinic Format

AM Session:

Will be focusing on manoeuvring and navigating through and over obstacles, such as poles, gates and bridges while mounted.  We will be looking for consistency in rhythm and timing approaching the obstacles.

Control throughout the paces and gaits.

Backing up and sidepass over poles and through gates.

Walk, trot, and loping over poles.

PM Session:

We will be putting the mornings work into practice and riding a pattern

Clinic Times: 09:00 – 16:00 with break for lunch (lunch is provided).

Cost: £75.00 pp

Spectators: £25.00 pp under 16’s £10.00 pp (1 free spectator is allocated per participant).

Maximum of 12 riders

Open to all levels, any breed welcome.

Stable hire available £65.00 (covers weekend for up to 3 days, price excludes bedding).

N.B All riders will be required to complete a Clinic Booking Form. Rider places will not be guaranteed until full payment has been received.

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Trail Clinic 3rd March
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