Ssssh! They’re Talking About Us – Liz Smith

lizsI came to SQH as a potential client in July 2007 with a desire to buy a Quarter Horse. Very early on it was very apparent to me that David would have my best interests in mind and he would only sell a horse he believed would suit. As someone who had never owned a horse before this was a massive confidence booster.

In February 2008 David took me down to the yard to look at a bunch of very hairy 3yo and one little Orange person in particular was determined to heap my full attention… So that was that and I became the very proud owner of Reminic N Snip a.k.a Toby a son of the wonderful Snippers Heirogance out of a Reminic mare.

Toby and I have had some amazing success in the showed especially at SQH shows. I now struggle to understand how English shows can be such a stress-athon when Sovereign without fail manage to make every show the best place to be. Chocolate is awarded just for turning up!!

Of course having acquired one wonderful equine friend I decided early on I wanted another!! So I now have the privilege of being Mum to a 2011 half brother to Toby Check N Tuff, better known as Lenny.

One of the bonuses from my friendship with Team SQH that I had not bargained for use the camaraderie and friendship of other people who have found their horse owning dreams fulfilled by their Sovereign babies. The horses are just wonderful but the entire SQH package of real deep rooted friendship with David, Sarah and all my fellow Sovereignites is something utterly priceless. Long may it flourish!!