Ssssh! They’re talking about us: Joyce Markham

davinaLike many people of my age (sorry, you’ll have to guess ‘cos I’m not telling), I was bought up on a diet of TV westerns; Roy Rogers is the earliest memory and the Virginian remains a firm favourite. So its not surprising that even though I was a keen English rider and had owned my own horses I still felt that I was missing something. After a riding break of about 15 years I saw David and Sarah Deptford giving a western demonstration at the Game Fair, Blenheim. I  immediately knew that I had found the missing factor and I had to start riding again and I had to ride western.
Everyone starts at Sovereign on one of the wonderful lesson horses. These animals are very bright and generous (forget the typical English school horse) and under David or Sarah’s careful guidance, these horses provide a fantastic education. I was so enthused by the American Quarter Horse that I had to buy one and eventually became the very proud owner of Heir to a Cady (Davina), a beautiful and smart grey mare bred by David and sired by AQHA Champion Snippers Heirogance.
It was then that I fully began to appreciate the care that David and Sarah take in breeding good quality horses and in coaching their new owners to develop great partnerships with their mounts. David has been so patient and understanding in working with me as I have learned to bring the best out in my horse (or possibly even that Davina has learnt to bring out the best in me).
All the staff at Sovereign are friendly and helpful and happy to answer questions and guide the novice western rider. Other riders and owners are also a very approachable group and I very much feel that I am not just a client but a valued part of the Sovereign team
Joyce Markham