Ssssh! They’re talking about us in Australia

_EPH0406“David doing it down under”

For 2 consecutive years David and Sarah Deptford have been visiting in my home town of Pakenham, Melbourne, Australia.  I feel very privileged to have David and Sarah stay with my husband Tony and myself as I get to pick his brain and get lots of one on one tutoring so I make the most of it.  I look forward to their visits every year given their level of coaching is by far more superior than I believe we have here.  I think it is due to the fact that the UK have the BR coaching certificate to set a standard and we are in need of something like this here !!

The clinics the first year were received very well although slow to fill given they had not heard of the Bloke from the UK, Aussies are slow on the up take some times, but by the second year they were all pretty much half full before they had left the clinics and their students offering their horses to ship to the UK to keep up their training !!  There is a real gap in our industry here and I think this is why David and Sarah are received so well, coaching is what they do on a daily basis our guys here train horses not so much the riders aboard.  David can do both on an easy to understand level.  We have a wide variety of riders that come to the 4 clinics we hold the most popular being the Trail which I find amazing given Davids accolades in Reining but there you go some people see the benefit in a range of different things.

I highly recommend David and Sarah for clinics, one on ones or just a brain picking session all of which they are fantastic at they are  just genuine good folk.  Cant wait to see you again in 2013 lets hope its bigger and better than the last 2.

Cheers Tracey and Tony Mallia