SQH Fenland Team Competition Winners

HB4I7224Thanks to Dave and Pam Heighton the Fenland June show was able to offer a brand new competition to the UK.  It cost nothing for competitors to enter, all they had to do was enter in AQHA classes and the winning team would win a fabulous custom made saddle stand.

The show hoped this would be a very popular competition, their thoughts were it was a way that people could get to know each other, especially if they were new to showing, and we hoped it would be a way of encouraging people to enter into AQHA classes.

Well, the competition proved extremely successful and popular.  Show Manager Lisa John and Show Secretary Jemma Gunning had a cut off time of 7pm on the Thursday night, after that time, they printed out the names of all the horses entered into at least one AQHA class and then they held a random draw (they actually went down to the stabling area where most people were and asked competitors to draw out names.  12 teams were set up, and then whilst the show was running, each AQHA competition result was then input into a spreadsheet.  At the end of show one, Team 11 was in the lead, by a considerable margin, however, some great results by Team 2 over show two saw them win the competition.

The winning team was Jays Dene, Seans Little Te Boy, Snippnbelles Star and Smokin Red Dene

(Jackie and David Teideman, Michael Roberts and Mary Larcom, Dorothy Coleman and Sarah Deptford and Sarah Hadley)

HB4I9169Interestingly, each horse in this particular team was either bred by us, or by one of our stallions (Snippers Heirogance and Jays Smokin Story), or by Sean Dillon (Seans Little Te Boy) who was bred by Jane and Mike Roberts here at Sovereign.