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Since 1909, Greeley Hat Works has been creating and renovating fine quality headwear. Just about any kind of hat you can imagine, from traditional working cowboys’ hats, to fashion forward cutting edge hats. The things they both have in common are that they are all built one at a time, by hand. When you pick up a hat built by Greeley Hat Works, you can feel the difference. It isn’t made on an assembly line with a “one-size-fits-all mentality”. It’s built by hand with elbow grease of a skilled hatter using tools and techniques, and sorcery that have been around since the 1800’s.

In early 2018 we took over the contract from Rhinestone Clothing to sell Greeley Hats so that the UK are still able to purchase high quality western hats. We are the only retailer in the UK to stock Greeley Hats and one of only 9 retailers outside of America. We can shape hats in the style of your choice as well as measure for custom hats.

We are able to stock all colours and sizes of hats as well as hat cans (both regular and custom to fit a cedar block for custom hats) so if we dont have what you are after in stock we can order it in for you and it should arrive within 6 weeks (during busy periods such as the lead up to Christmas this may take longer). We are regularly taking order for the hats so please do not hesitate to make an order with us.

Greeley Hats come in varying material make ups which in turn have varying prices. In our shop we stock the Classic and Competitor models but we can order in the other hats for you. The available ranges are:

Classic: Standard £285  Custom £315

Competitor: Standard £335  Custom £386

Beaver 20: Standard £454  Custom £505

Beaver Blend: Custom Only £673

Pure Beaver: Custom Only £858

Please look at the Greeley website to view the available colours for each hat category. Competitor has the largest range of colours.

The standard hat cans also come in a range of colours which can be seen on the greeley website. If we do not have the colour you would like in stock this can be ordered for you.

The executive custom carriers (made especially for custom hats with cedar blocks but can be used with out a cedar block) come in black only and can also be ordered in for you if we have none in stock.

Please use the PayPal selections below to purchase your choice of colour and size. If your choice is not available please contact us with your size and colour and we will order it in for you. You may of course come to our shop to try on hats to find your size and colour. If you would like a custom hat we can measure you for this when you are here. Please contact us if you are planning to visit and whether you would like measurement so that we can ensure someone qualified is around to do this.

Sizes in Black

Sizes in Chocolate

Sizes in Granite


Sizes in Kodiak

Sizes in Sand -Classic-

Sizes in Sand -Competitor-

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