Do You Want A Horse That Can Do Everything?

Here at Sovereign, we’ve been breeding and producing American Quarter Horses for 30 years now.   The horses we breed here at the farm, have great pedigrees, fabulous conformation, and fabulous temperaments.

Part of the reason for the success of Sovereign is both the mares and sires of our foals.  The mares are very important, and we are very strict about the mares that make out broodmare band.

The sires are just as important, and one of the things we love about all of the stallions who stand at Sovereign is the fact that you can take them anywhere and many people don’t even realise they are stallions!  We also treat them like horses, and they have a varied life, it’s not just all competitions.

We are lucky enough to have some very good friends who have cattle and as often as we can (which isn’t often enough, as we all really enjoy ourselves) we take “the boys” over to help move cattle around near Thetford Forest.

During the Christmas break, we took Blaze and Jay, just take a look at how chilled the boys were.  We all had a great time, we’re really proud to have these horses, and we’re really proud of their babies too.

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