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On 9th December 2017 Snippers Heirogance peacefully passed away aged 29. Snipper was imported in from USA by Sarah and David from Pete Bowling in 1993. Snipper has been a great ambassador for the American Quarter Horse Association, he produced over 100 amazing offspring many of whom have competed successfully in the show ring, but …

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Horse and Hound’s Storm Johnson gives reining a try at Sovereign

If you’ve always been tempted to give reining a try, take a look at Horse & Hound’s Storm Johnson’s tips for first-time success. Storm’s 14 tips for first-time reining success 1. Relax! For reining you need to be relaxed, particularly through your shoulders, as the horses are very responsive to changes in your body position. …

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Western Horse UK Magazine reports on David Deptford’s European Championship wins at FEQHA 2015

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WOW! Snipper is in the American Journal!

Do you get the American Journal?   Well it came through our letter box the other day, and guess what?   Snipper has a two page article about his AQHA Champion Award!   You know we said we were proud?  Well, we’re even more proud now.  He’s such a legend. Here’s the beautifully written article available to read …

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Snipper Features in America’s Horse Magazine

Americas Horse Magazine is a magazine that is sent to all AQHA Members worldwide, and this month’s issue features Snipper and David! Do you know what’s so nice about Snipper winning this award?  Well, when it was announced back in December, several US based western online magazines picked up on the news, and we actually …

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Discipline Swap – David Goes Driving!

David gets to have all the fun!  SQH is well known for always wanting to promote western riding and American Quarter Horses, and had worked with many national magazines contributing articles as well as taking part in different events.  Here he worked with Your Horse Magazine for a 6 page article about Discipline Swapping, where …

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David Explains The Spin, The Slide and the Reining Pattern with Your Horse Magazine

We’re passionate about promoting Western Riding and the American Quarter Horse, here are some videos put together by David and the Your Horse Magazine Team explaining about the Reining patterns, the spin, and the slide. The Reining Pattern   The Spin   The Slide

David Deptford and Your Horse Online – The Tack Video

We continue to work with major magazines around the UK promoting the American Quarter Horse and Western Riding, here’s another video David made with Your Horse Magazine.

SQH and Your Horse Online – Trust Your Horse – Parts 1-4

Here at Sovereign, we often work with leading magazines for articles that help promote the American Quarter Horse and Western Riding. David worked with Your Horse Online to set up four educational videos, as well as providing editorial copy for the magazine itself.  In these articles, David worked with Amanda Griffith’s Snippers Son N Heir. …

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