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about usThe Deptford Family have been farming for three generations on these premises around the March area and have always had a very close affection for horses.

Horse breeding has been part of the Deptford family farming for at least 6 decades. They have a history for breeding great horses from Suffolk Punches to famous show ponies. In the 1970’s Holly of Spring, a horse bred by Mr. Albert Deptford (David’s grandfather) was winner of Show Pony of the Year at the Horse of the Year Show held at Wembley Arena, for 3 consecutive years, a feat that has never been done before or since. Many great show ponies competing today come from Mr. A. Deptford’s breeding programme.

David and Sarah Deptford were married in 1986 and at that time,  whilst working on the family farm they started with 2 quarter horse brood mares and ploughed everything back into the business to be able to purchase top class stock stallions and brood mares from the USA. These have exceptional pedigrees and have produced numerous national and international winners, which is following in the family tradition.

Mentors: Over the years there are many people who have helped Sovereign Quarter Horses in many ways….

about-us-nannySusan Hall (Sarah’s Mother) Although no longer with us, Susan’s legacy can be seen in many aspects and areas of Sovereign Quarter Horses.  She was invaluable to us from the beginning, having an extensive background in horses and showing.  She was always very calm and cheerful, yet a solid and sensible sounding board for ideas.  She also possessed an excellent eye for a horse, and was very interested in the breeding and bloodlines of all horses, but particularly in her later years, our American Quarter Horses.



about-us-henryHenry Deptford (David’s father) was one of the first people to import American Quarter Horses from America in the mid 70’s. This was quite difficult and costly and was the start of the breeding of the American Quarter Horse in this country. Henry was one of the founders of the British Quarter Horse Society (now AQHA U.K.) and this was the foundation of Sovereign Quarter Horses.  Henry through the years has a huge knowledge of the Quarter Horse in the UK, and also competed on the AQHA Show circuit earning national awards.  He now rides daily on his Snippers Heirogance gelding “Duke” around the farm.  His help and guidance over the years has been invaluable.

Pete Bowling:  We first met Pete in 1982 when he came to England to teach at a clinic.  Pete is incredibly knowledgeable about American Quarter Horse bloodlines and the history of the breed having owned or worked with some of the most famous Quarter Horses of our generation, horses such as Hobby Doc, Lucky Bars, Docs Chardonnay,  Reminic, and Smart Chic Olena.

Pete was behind our decision to import our Stallion Snippers Heirogance along with all of our original broodmares to improve the quality of the Quarter Horse in England.  He feels, as we do, that emphasis should always be put on the importance of bloodlines in a pedigree as well as not making compromise on conformation and temperament.

He also told us not to just talk about our wonderful horses, but to show them, to prove their abilities.  We are always looking to the future, for new bloodlines and stallions.

We continue to search for the next generation at all times.

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