Abby and Angel – winners of a weeks holiday to the TX Ranch

IMG_1581At the beginning of the year when we announced that we’d got a fabulous prize for the SQH/TX High Point over the summer shows, we said… “it’s not winning that counts, it’s being consistent”.   Well, the winner of the 2013 weeks holiday to the famous TX Ranch (www.txranch.com) did both.

Abby Jeeves with Reminics Story competed at all of the SQH/TX shows (including the ones at the Fenland shows) and was consistently placed, and had a few wins all year.   It’s therefore fitting that we were able to present her with her TX Trophy for the overall Highpoint win of the season, along with some other goodies.

The TX Ranch is owned and run by Hip and Loretta Tillett and is an authentic working ranch.  Established in  1895, the days when the American West was known as the “Wild West.” and not long after the shootout at the O.K. Corral,  William Tillett, , married Bessie Strong-Tillett, and their homestead was established on Crooked Creek north of Lovell, Wyoming.

Why is it called  the TX? After all, they are not anywhere near Texas: The first herd of cattle was purchased by Bessie’s father, Frank Strong, from Amarillo, Texas, and the right hip brand has never changed. This was the beginning of the TX brand on the Montana | Wyoming border. Fast forward to 1976; the TX Ranch was established as a working cattle guest ranch.

Hip Tillett, Lloyd and Abbie’s son and Loretta, Hip’s wife along with their daughters Desiree and Sheena and other family members, friends and staff help out with the ranching and guest ranch. To date, nearly 70 percent of their guests return to the ranch.

The TX Ranch has also been on our TV screens. the Ranch participated in “The Real Cowboy: Portrait of an American Icon” for The History Channel, which aired several times throughout the season. Also the TX Ranch participated in “Jamie Oliver’s; American Road Trip” for UK Channel 4.

For those of you who are looking for an authentic old fashion ranch experience in scenic and remote open range country “astride a horse”, the Tillett family invites you to take a step back in time for some good, honest, western hospitality and the experience of a life time you’ll never forget! At the TX we live, ride and work out of authentic cow camps. We want you to feel like part of the family and one of the cowboys!

Guests have the opportunity to experience “hands on” the life of a real working cowboy or cowgirl and help out with everything from roundups and cattle drives to chasing down strays! You’ll have the opportunity to ride along side some honest-to-goodness cowboys and you’ll be welcome to try as much or as little as desired. We offer excellent riding opportunities with a wide variety of distance to travel for every riding level! Our cattle drives, horse drives and the various seasonal working ranch activities are a genuine and necessary part of each day! Respectfully we operate the ranch in the same manner our great grand parents did because we value their traditional ways.
For more information on the TX Ranch, visit their website.  www.txranch.com